Department of Ultrasound

Ultrasonography department was established in 2008 and has the ability to perform the ultrasonography and Doppler for diagnosis of Abdominal organs and peripheral and other organs, from the biggening  it was known as referral center for difficult cases.

Ultrasonography department has professional doctors and is providing services 24/7

During last one decade this department has the following academic programs for doctors and specialists through the country.


  • Neck ultrasound (Thyroid gland, neck lymph nodes, & additional structures ….)
  • Chest ultrasound (breast masses, pleura, thymus gland ….)
  • Abdominal ultrasound (liver, spleen, pancreases, kidneys, , abdominal lymph nodes, peritoneal fluids and abnormal structures ….)
  • Pelvic ultrasound ( Uterus,Ovaris, prostate, urinary bladder, Semi vesicle,…)
  • Fetal well-being ultrasound (pregnancy, normal fetus evaluation….)
  • Endo- Vaginal ultrasound (female internal genital organs….)
  • Carotid Doppler (carotid artery stenosis, aneurysms….)
  • Peripheral vascular Doppler (evaluation of arterial, venous system of hands and legs….)
  • Liver Doppler( vasculature and vein …)
  • Kidney Doppler (arterial supply of both kidneys….)
  • Abdominal aorta Doppler (evaluation of abdominal aorta aneurysms, stenosis and dissections….)


Diagnostic ultrasound, also called sonography or diagnostic medical sonography, is an imaging method that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of structures within your body. The images can provide valuable information for diagnosing and treating a variety of diseases and conditions.

Most ultrasound examinations are done using an ultrasound device outside your body, though some involve placing a device inside your body( endo esophageal ,endovaginall,…)

Dr. Hedayatullah Lalzai

Dr Hedayatullah Lalzai

He was born in 1972 in Wardak province of Afghanistan and was graduated from Kabul university of medical science in 1998, and has completed internal medicine specialty form Ali Abad Teaching hospital in 2007. From 2003 to 2008 he was serving as head of ultrasonography department in Ali Abad Teaching Hospital.

  • It is to be mentioned that during his academic life he has completed the following programs.
  • He received basic ultrasonography training in March 1999
  • Basics of echocardiography and ultrasonography (DAAD)in (2005).
  • Training on Noninvasive cardiology (Escort Heart Institute and research Center)in (2006)
  • Fellowship on Echocardiography (Max heart and vascular institute) in (2007).
  • Participation in international advance training of cardio vascular application (Seoul Korea).
  • Finally, he was awarded as trainer of echocardiography by the Ministry of Public Health (2012).

It is worth able to be added that since establishment of Ariana Hospital, he is  the head of ultrasonography department, he is  the most important member of the academic programs of ultrasonography and echocardiography (that he has trained more than  500 doctors till now).


Ariana Medical Complex is a well running & Hi-tech hospital Kabul Afghanistan. It is fully equipped with latest and most modern state of art medical and surgical machinery. A team of well-qualified Doctors and trained paramedical staff manage the hospital.

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