Pediatrics and Neonatology

Why children are more susceptible for  infectious diseases?

Children are more susceptible to diseases for a number of reasons.

  • The major reason is inadequate immunologic defenses ,because of less exposure to disease .
  • The environment plays an important role as well, so there are things you can do to help protect your baby against the common infectious illnesses we talk about in this information:
    • Wash your hands thoroughly. …
    • Use disposable tissues. …
    • Keep your baby’s environment clean. …
    • Avoid people who are unwell. …
    • Go smoke free.
    • Look, don’t touch

Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology

The Pediatric department was established in 2010 and has the ability to manage critical patients like Neonatal diseases, Respiratory problems, Cardiac diseases, Renal diseases, CNS disease, fortunately from the first time it was known as referral center for difficult cases. Pediatric department has professional doctors and nurses meanwhile this department  is providing services 7/24 in following sections ( Neonatal intensive care unit, Nursery, Pediatric intensive care unit, General ward ). During last one decade this department had academic programs for doctors, nurses and medical students throughout the country.

To become a center of excellence in health care, comparable with world standard, affordable cost high standards of ethics  love, and compassion.

Pediatric Department Facilities:

  • General ward for admission of patients like pneumonia, diarrhea, bronchiolitis, bronchial asthma, anemia’s ets.
  • Will Equipped NICU (new natal intensive care unit)for admission, diagnosis and treatment of critical neonatal patients.
  • Will Equipped Ped ICU for admission, diagnosis and treatment of critical pediatric patients.
Dr. Mohammad Musa

Dr. Abdul Rasheed Mansoor

He was born in 1974 in Maidan Wardak province of Afghanistan and was graduated from Kabul university of medical science in 1999, and has completed pediatric internal medicine program in Maiwand Teaching hospital in 2009.  From 2003 up to now he is lecturer in pediatric department of Kabul University of Medical Sciences. Right now he works as pediatric associate professor in Maiwand Teaching Hospital.

  • It is to be mentioned that during his academic life he has completed the following basics programs.
  • Basics of echocardiography and ultrasonography 2009
  • IMNCI training course 2008
  • IMNCI training of trainers ( ToT) from 2009
  • Malnutrition training 2010
  • Training of trainers ( ToT) in Emergency Triage, Assessment and Treatment ( ETAT ) program in 2012
  • Training of children TB 2013
  • Facility based Neonatal care ( FBNC ) training program 2016

It is worth able to be added that since establishment of Ariana Hospital he was the head of pediatric department, and was the most important member of the academic programs for pediatrics doctors and nurses.


Ariana Medical Complex is a well running & Hi-tech hospital Kabul Afghanistan. It is fully equipped with latest and most modern state of art medical and surgical machinery. A team of well-qualified Doctors and trained paramedical staff manage the hospital.

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