Physiotherapy Department generally provides rehabilitation services in the following areas:

1 -Neurological surgery patients

2 – Cardiovascular and respiratory patients

3 -Rheumatoid arthritis patients

4 -orthopedic patients and sports injuries

5 -burns

6 -Women’s health (women)

7 -types of body paralysis

8 -Urology patients

9 -CP patients

10- ICU physiotherapy


Objectives and future plan of the physiotherapy department :

  • The most equipped specialized rehabilitation center with the most experienced doctors and physiotherapists
  • Creating hydrotherapy and jogging places for patients
  • Creation of orthopedic technique(Orthotics) center and organ members
  • Development of physiotherapy services in homes
  • Creating a gym and fitness center for obese patients
  • Having a modern specialized training in the field of physiotherapy.
  • Existence of a large pediatric CP center.
  • Standardization of physical therapy in the country.

Current services of specialized physiotherapy department:                                
with the most modern electric machines, manual therapy and Exercise therapy:

1- Physiotherapy for strokes

2-Burn and orthopedic physiotherapy

3- Physiotherapy for drowsiness of hands and feet

4- Physiotherapy for joint pain

5- Rheumatoid arthritis physiotherapy

6- lumbar and neck disc physiotherapy

7- Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy

8- Physiotherapy of gynecological patients

9- Facial paralysis physiotherapy

10- Physiotherapy for muscle and sports injuries

11- Physiotherapy and rehabilitation of bedridden patients

Department of Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation Center of Ariana Medical Complex Hospital

Department of Physiotherapy:

Preface Physiotherapy is sometimes referred to as the field that treats patients with electricity, or for example, some people think that physiotherapy is the same as massage, but if we pay attention to the meaning of the word, physiotherapy is two words. Physics and therapy are made to mean healing. This word can be interpreted in two ways, both of which are correct: Use the laws of physics for healing Physical therapy of the human body Electrotherapy, or as some people say, electrotherapy and massage techniques is the only part of physiotherapy that a physiotherapist uses according to the patient’s condition. Different people may need physiotherapy
It could be an athlete or a child or the elderly who have different problems.


Physiotherapy is a science that not only improves people’s quality of life, but can also prevent injuries. It is both part of the rehabilitation system and involved in acute care. In addition, it is involved in maintaining motor function, managing chronic patients, and educating the patient and caregiver.

The reasons for referring to physiotherapy can be the following:

Reduce pain Improve one’s motor skills Prevent sports injuries or help repair them Prevention of disability or some surgeries Rehabilitation after stroke, injury, or surgery Improve balance to prevent falls, especially in the elderly Urine and fecal control Learn how to use a prosthesis Learn how to properly use assistive devices such as a cane or walker Prescribe splints or braces

The most common treatment methods in our department: •

Electrotherapy or the use of electric currents, magnets, lasers, ultrasound, ,diathermy … Manual therapy includes a series of manual techniques that are used to reduce pain or disability of skeletal muscles. Exercise therapy involves a series of exercises that are given to each person and help reduce symptoms or improve performance by reducing inflammation (if any), maintaining range of motion, and improving muscle strength and endurance. Hydrotherapy summarizes two important properties of water in relation to this issue; Losing weight in water and on the other hand creating resistance to movement.

Objectives of creating a physiotherapy department:

Pain relief Reducing and eliminating the feeling of pain is one of the most important goals of physiotherapy. Electrotherapy and laser therapy, especially high-power laser, are the most effective methods of reducing pain in physiotherapy. Accelerate the recovery process Reducing the recovery period after illness and injury and helping the healing process are other important goals of treatment with various physiotherapy methods. Improving the function of damaged joints and increasing their range of motion are other benefits of physiotherapy treatment. Exercise prescribed by a physiotherapist can relieve joint dryness and stiffness caused by reduced mobility and injury

Prevention of unnecessary surgeries Physiotherapy helps to improve the condition of many people who have an illness or injury to the musculoskeletal system due to some reason, and thus eliminates the need for unnecessary surgery. Postoperative physiotherapy also helps speed up the healing process and reduce surgical complications. Improve motor skills Doing stretching and strengthening exercises Physiotherapy strengthens the physical ability to move and eliminates movement disorders. Physical-motor dysfunction is one of the complications of some diseases such as stroke and is also known as one of the complications associated with aging that can be improved with physiotherapy.

The goal of physiotherapy is to help children with birth defects with cerebral palsy and motor complications.

Dr. Fawad Farhat Yar

Dr. Fawad Farahtyar, Head of Department

Born:  1996 in Kabul,
Graduated from MD, University of Afghanistan, Swiss, Physiotherapist, Institute of Afghan Women Physiotherapy, and currently Doctor of Physiotherapy Ariana Medical Complex 3  Maryam Nouri

Dr. Samia Maqsoudi

Born in 1998 in Wardak
Graduate of physiotherapy at Razi Private Institute and currently physiotherapist at Ariana Medical Complex Hospital


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